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Dear Darwin Project community, As mentioned in our latest patch note (available here), we know that many of you are patiently waiting to see the addition of Stats Tracking as an incentive to play competitively. This is currently scheduled for this summer

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Survive the

Darwin Project takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic landscape in the Northern Canadian Rockies. Ten inmates must survive the cold and fight to the death in a treacherous arena. Only one will triumph.

Spectator Experience

Through the Spectator Experience Extension, viewers can impact each match in several ways: cast votes to choose which power will be unleashed upon the Arena, or invade a match to play alongside their favourite Twitch or Youtube streamer.


The show director

The Show Director is the living bridge between the players and spectators—the host of the Arena who controls it with nuclear bombs, zone closures, gravity storms, and the power of their voice.


Dynamic, tactical gameplay

Select gear, gather Darwinium, upgrade powers, hunt enemies, engage in both melee and ranged combat but more importantly, be the Only Survivor.

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