Are you the Game Changer?

To get the Battle Pass, go into Darwin Project and head over to the Battle Pass tab in the main menu. The Game Changers Battle Pass costs 950 Ramen and contains over 37 000 Ramen worth of content. Survive the Arena and unlock new exclusive rewards for every one of the 100 levels available.

Unlock the new Vonrobo legendary axe to swing through your opponents with style when you pick up the Game Changers Battle Pass.

Grind the 99 remaining levels by fighting in in the Arena to unlock and receive the other rewards, including some exclusive legendary sets such as VonRobo, Deer Lord, Orboros and many more.


Discover all the rewards you can unlock throughout the season below. Each reward earned will be yours forever!

Free rewards

Even if you didn’t purchase the Battle Pass, play during the first season and unlock:

Exclusive Face paints

Exclusive Hairtcuts


Fan gifts