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Before entering the Arena, you’ll be placed in the Lobby, which is a cell court where you’ll be able to meet your opponents but most importantly pick your loadout to reach your goal.

The first step will be to pick your gear. Provided by some of the biggest corporation of our time, this equipment will give you some extraordinary abilities and guide the way you will play and fight during the match. Choose wisely!

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Once your gear has been selected, you’ll be able to choose two electronics. These are powers with very different effects that will require crafting once in order to use them. Pick them carefully to reinforce the way you’ll fight in the Arena.

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Finally, select a tool, something essential that will either help you to trap the other inmates or secure your tracks to discourage anyone who may try to prey on you. You will find other tools in random chests in the Arena but you will be able to craft this one freely during the game.

You are now ready and fully equipped. It’s time for you to survive.

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Gather resources

In order to progress, to become more powerful or simply to survive in the Arena, you will have to gather two different types of resources: Wood and Darwinium.

Wood can be found everywhere. Just swing your axe on one of the trees with a light blue overlay to chop it off. You can craft armors, fire, arrows, and traps using Wood.

Tip: Make sure to always have some on you in case your Cold Bar drops.

Darwinium (bright yellow canisters) can be found everywhere. Swing your axe to break it and you will gather it automatically. It can be used to craft your two powers and your trait’s passive.

Tip: After defeating an opponent, you can retrieve part of their resources.

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Craft wheel