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Your deck consists of a list of Powers you can use during a match. You can either build your deck before entering a match or prepare it while in the Lobby. However, you won’t be able to edit your deck once the match starts.

You can have up to 11 Power Cards in your deck. A particular Power can appear multiple times in a single deck. A Power Card can only be used once per match, but the same Power, which may be on another card, can be used during same match.

Every time you level up as a Show Director, you will have a chance to unlock a new card (it may be a duplicate of a Power you already possess or a brand new one).

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3 categories of powers

Powers used on inmates only

Select the inmate you want to use your Power on. Most of the powers cannot be used when an inmate is fighting. (ex: heal, give wood, manhunt, etc.)

Powers used on tiles only

Select the tile in which you want the Power to be applied. (ex: close zone, nuke, darwinium shipment, etc.)

Powers effective on everyone and everywhere

Use these Powers to see them across all zones and inmates. (ex: Darwinium mania, beach party, gravity storm, etc.)

When playing as Show Director, you can have up to 10 actions points. You start with 2 points and they will charge over time depending on what is happening between the inmates in the game. Example: two inmates fighting increases the charging rate but if inmates are looting and roaming, the charge rate remains normal.

All powers cost action points, depending on their effects, their strength or their rarity.

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The Show Director, as a game master, is encouraged to communicate with the inmates in the Arena. To do so, 3 ways are available TO you:

  • 1. Proximity: By following an inmate or free roaming around him, you’ll be close enough for them to hear you.

  • 2. Megaphone: It allows you to talk to all inmates over the whole arena simultaneously.

  • 3. Sound Wheel: A wheel with pre-recorded sound that you can use to fit with specific situation you may witness in the Arena.

Show director unleashed

is a custom game mode in which you are boosted and overpowered. Action points regenerate quickly and you can use your 11 powers as many times as you want --there are no restrictions! The perfect game mode to mess with the inmates who are fighting for their lives.

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