The Partner Program is for Darwin Project players who produce content on a platform like Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, and who want to work more closely with Scavengers Studio while growing their channel. To show our appreciation for your continued support, and to give back to the passionate Darwin Project community of players and viewers, we’ll provide you with partner-exclusive perks.
Applications for the Partner Program are open at the bottom of this page, but note that we will begin accepting partners in February.

*Partners will remain independent from Scavengers Studio and their opinions do not reflect our own.

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What we offer?

in-game exclusives


  • Exclusive items partner branded
  • Code giveaways for exclusive items*


  • Exclusive game mode with monetized spectator interaction*


  • A chance to be featured on our Official Channel and Social Networks
  • A chance to be featured in the in-game widget*
  • Member of the official “Darwin Project Partners” Twitch Team*


  • Priority feedback and even more direct access to the development team on our partner discord server including Private Playtests under NDA*
  • Co-reveals on special events*


  • Darwin Asset Package
  • Potential VIP pass for regional events*
  • Other incentive linked to monetization (IG currency)*

What we require?


  • An account in good standing and with low toxicity level
  • A Professional, Consistent, Positive attitude and willingness to help improve
  • Darwin Project by providing constructive feedback Willing to introduce Darwin Project to newcomers in the chat but also in-game*
  • The content on your channel and your behavior in-game are compliant with our Code of Conduct and EULA


  • A minimum of 2 Darwin Project streams per week or 4 Youtube videos per month
  • 15% of content is Darwin Project related*
  • Consistent Branding with clear content schedule*


  • A minimum 1000 Twitch followers and/or 50 minimum concurrent viewers*
  • Metric signs of growth with an active community following*

Other requirments

  • Some fluency in English (so our team can communicate with you)
  • Signed NDA (18+ years old)*

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