Want to score loot while watching Darwin Project on Twitch? Log-in with your account here to become eligible.


Darwin Project is now live and the Arena is open to all participants! This winter survival themed Battle Royale is free to play for everyone. Download Darwin Project from your platform store to get access and start playing.

Want to earn some extra flair for the next time you find yourself fighting for your life? Watch any sponsored Darwin Project stream on Twitch from the 7th of April 2020 starting at 12:00PM EST, to the 21st of April, ending at 12:00PM EST, to earn a unique weapon skin and show off your kills with style to the other inmates.


Here’s the steps to watching and earning rewards on Twitch:


Step 1: Download Darwin Project

Download Darwin Project on your home computer by going to the Steam page found here


Step 2: Link your account

At the Main Menu of Darwin Project you’ll find a Live Spectator Interactions button, which you can use to link your Darwin Project account to your Twitch account.


Step 3: Watch and Earn

Then, you’ll need to head to Twitch and get a look at the streamers who are playing Darwin Project. On drop eligible streams you’ll see a callout that “drops are enabled”, so you know you are officially watching and earning. From there, click the stream and enjoy the gameplay.

You can watch multiple streamers, as long as they are “drop eligible” you will be eligible to earn rewards by watching them.

Are you a Twitch streamer?If you’d like your stream to be eligible to earn rewards follow steps one and two, then make sure you are streaming on the official Darwin Project Twitch directory and that the Drops are enabled in your channel settings!


Step 4: Get the Goods

So, you’ve watched some gruesome winter combat in the corporate-sponsored arena and you want your reward right? Well to get the Twitch Drops exclusive Axe skin, you need to watch someone Win a match on Stream, so be sure to watch someone with a lot of skill! Or with a lot of luck…

Darwin Project is live now and free to play for everyone.

Need more intel on Darwin Project? Check out the informational website that will give you more details on the gameplay and what you can expect to find in the arena, here!